Ar Yone Oo Social Development Association (AYO-SDA) is the main counterpart in "Building Sustainable Peace in Myanmar" project. Ar Yone Oo's Partner organizations are Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society(SPAS), Generation Wave(GW)Dawn Action on Women Network(DAWN)Peace and Development Society(PDS)New Generation Shan State(NGSS)Upper Chindwin Youth Network(UCYN)Chin Natural Resources Watch Group(CNRWG)Laiza Peace Marching Group(LPMG)Muslim Women Council of Myanmar(MWCM), and Kaw Lah Foundation.  

Since 2010, the organization started to include trainings and awareness-raising activities about democracy, human rights and empowering women and children. Moreover, AYO-SDA supported pilot projects that initiated IDP rehabilitation and reconciliation. AYO-SDA also got engaged in advocacy work for law drafting on national land law, environmental law and association law through lawmakers in the parliament.

During the program "Building Sustainable Peace in Myanmar," AYO-SDA integrates the activities, outputs and outcomes to be an important part of the line of work of the organization. The close partnership is chosen since AYO-SDA have a broad network in the civil society and political sphere and that AYO-SDA have extensive experience and an infrastructure that can integrate and implement the project with both good quality and good governance.

AYO-SDA is the main implementing organization and is conducting a large number of activities and also work as an umbrella organization, assisting with finance and administration for smaller organizations that are participating in the program.